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Microeconomic Analysis

Based on time, the balancing situation between two factors in microeconomics is partitioned into three sections as micro statics, comparable micro statics and micro dynamics which are called kinds of microeconomics as well.

The kinds of Microeconomics are made sense of independently as expressed underneath.


Micro statics points at the static connection between microeconomic factors at a similar point or timeframe. More precisely, it makes sense of the circumstance of balance between various factors at one point or timeframe. whenever the price of financial variables are connected with similar place of time, the functioning connection between the variables is supposed to be statics. It is symbolically expressed as Dt =fPt and St = fPt.

The balancing state of a specific point of time is Dt = St , at Pt


Dt = Demand for, at a specific point of time,

St = supply of , at a specific point of time,

Pt = Price at the specific point of time,

The idea of micro statics has been shown in the accompanying figure-3.1 as; The figure shows the balancing situation of the market in a specific point of time. Both the demand and supply representing lines DD and SS have crossed each other at point E in a specific moment. So E is the mark of balance which relates two variables, the price (0P) and amount (0Q) at that specific place of time. This is a static examination.

2-Comparative Micro-statics

With the time passes by, there is an adjustment of the states of demand and supply. This adjustment of demand and supply brings a change even in the balance situation between them. This sort of conversion in balance at various points of time is the study of comparative micro statics. This is why comparative micro statics is the study of various balances at various points of time. Comparative micro statics contrasts one balancing situation with the  more other balancing situations between demand and supply yet it doesn't study about the course of how one balance breaks and another balance lays out.

The comparative micro statics can be displayed in the figure-3.2 underneath. In the figure, E is the underlying balance, where the equilibrium price is 0P and balancing amount is 0Q. At the point when the demand ascends from DD to D1D1, the new balancing point between demand and supply shifts from E to E1 where the equilibrium price is 0P1 and balancing amount of product is 0Q1. The comparative investigation of the two balances E, E1 focuses on the nature of comparative micro statics yet this study doesn't make sense of the course of how the earlier balancing situation breaks and another accomplishes.

3-Micro Dynamics

Time is dynamic and with that it achieves the progressions in the price and amount demanded and supplied of an item. Subsequently there is likewise an adjustment of the balance position between demand and supply of the item. In this manner, micro dynamics indicates to that particular situation of the balance in which the balancing situation of various factors goes through disequilibrium and another balance lays out. Subsequently, micro dynamics is the investigation of the cycle which shows how the underlying balance breaks and new balancing situation between the variables accomplishes. Micro dynamics can likewise be delineated by the accompanying figure given underneath.


In figure 3.3, E is the underlying place of balance at which 0P price and 0Q amount of a good are the balancing price and amount of the good. Presently let us guess that there is an expansion in income. The expansion in earnings causes an increase demand for which brings about a change in balancing point with an upward shift of demand line from DD to D1D1. This achieves a disequilibrium and the series of disequilibrium perseveres until the new balancing point came to at point E1.

Let's proceed how we start the interaction from disequilibrium to the new point of balance between the variables . The expansion in demand can not be satisfied by expanding in supply right away. So the price level ascents from 0P to 0P4 by EA. This ascent in price urges the providers to increment in supply from 0Q to 0Q3. Presently, supply is more than demand by AB and 0Q3 amount is demanded exclusively at price 0P1. So the price falls down from 0P4 to 0P1, This fall in price causes a fall in supply from 0Q3 to 0Q1 or the stock is equivalent to 0Q1 yet demand is higher than supply which pushes the price up from 0P1 to 0P3. Again the providers are enthusiastic to increment in supply. This cycle goes on and again until the last place of balancing point E1 is reached at price 0P2 and amount at 0Q2. This is the manner by which micro dynamics makes sense of the course of how a balance breaks and the new point of balance between the variables is laid out.

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